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LSW Technology


Low Sidewall (LSW) technology features a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than a standard tire, while maintaining the same outside diameter, inflation pressures and weight load capacity. The larger rim and smaller sidewall of LSW provides much greater stability for equipment.


Today’s equipment continues getting larger and more powerful, all while the standard tire design has been expected to keep up. The large sidewall of standard tires tends to flex and sway under these increased stresses, which can cause problems such as reduced breakout force on loaders, as well as road loping and power hopping on tractors and combines. With the smaller sidewall and larger rim diameter of LSW, there is less potential for recoil and bouncing. The LSW design is a well-documented improvement for handling, speed, ride quality and stability — just look to the automotive market for proof.


Creating a viable LSW tire requires a wheel to match. Titan is the only company with the ability to design, test and produce both wheels and tires for the agriculture, construction, forestry and mining markets. Our R&D teams have worked diligently over the past 18 years to perfect LSW technology, and we’ve done the testing to back up our claims. Our LSW products offers the following solutions and benefits to end users:

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