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Extreme Flotation Tires

LSW Extreme Flotation Tire Technology 

Introducting Extreme Flotation tires — a technology honored with a 2015 FinOvation Award. When compared to standard factory setups, Extreme Flotation tires offer up to a 35 percent increase in contact area, which drastically reduces ground-bearing pressure, improves ride quality and reduces soil compaction. All Extreme Flotation tires come with the added benefit of Low Sidewall (LSW) technology, featuring a larger rim diameter than standard tires, which has been proven to increase machine stability, and reduce road lope and power hop.

MFWD tractors: Extreme Flotation vs. factory duals 

The award-winning combination of Goodyear LSW1000/40R32 fronts and Goodyear LSW1100/45R46 rears increases contact area by nearly 20 percent, which reduces ground-bearing pressure as compared to a standard factory setup with dual 420/85R34 fronts and dual 480/80R50 rears. In addition to reducing soil compaction, power hop and road lope, the reduced overall width of the Extreme Flotation setup makes for easier roading and sharper turning compared to factory duals.


4WD tractors: Extreme Flotation vs. factory 800 duals 

Goodyear LSW900/50R46 duals offer a 17 percent greater contact area than a standard factory setup with 800/70R38 duals, resulting in smoother ride, improved flotation and reduced soil compaction. The LSW design also reduces road lope and power hop, while providing increased lateral stability on hillside conditions.


Sprayers: Extreme Flotation vs. factory 650s 

Goodyear LSW800/55R46 tires offer an astounding 35 percent increase in contact area as compared to a standard factory flotation setup with 650/65R38 tires. The reduction in ground-bearing pressure will greatly reduce the growing problems with soil compaction as sprayers continue to increase in size and weight with each new model year.