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LSW Tires vs Tracks

tractor tracks versus tires

Forget what you think you know. “Tires versus tracks” is no longer a debate. Commodity prices are falling. Equipment and input costs continue to rise. You can’t fool around with unnecessary expenses. And now with Low Sidewall technology from Goodyear, that’s exactly what tracks are — an unnecessary expense. Track units have a higher initial purchase price and are costlier to maintain. They also can’t travel as fast down the road cutting into a farmer’s time. An LSW machine will road 30 percent faster and provide a smoother ride. An LSW machine will also save up to 30 percent in fuel costs. And here’s the big kicker, everything you think you get from tracks, you get from LSW … and then some.

Our tests have shown LSW is equal to tracks when it comes to traction and slippage.

With the right LSW configuration, ground-bearing pressure is equal to a track machine, reducing soil compaction.

The shorter sidewall dampens bumps in the road quicker, leading to less bouncing, quicker recovery time and reduced road lope. The shorter sidewall also means less sidewall recoil, more stability and reduced power hop.