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About LSW Backhoe Tires

Stability is crucial to backhoe performance. Whether excavating, dumping a load or traveling to the next jobsite, the larger sidewall of standard backhoe tires tends to buckle, causing the machine to bounce on the road and sway during excavation and dumping. With Titan LSW tires, the operator can expect more stability, less material loss and smoother ride.

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Conventional Rear LSW Rear Conventional Front LSW Front
19.5L24 500/60D28
  • Product Line: Industrial Tractor Lug II LSW
  • Titan LSW Part#: G9FD61
  • Ply Rating: 14
  • Inflation Pressure: 38
  • Max Load (lbs): 7600
  • Overall Diameter: 51.9
12-16.5NHS | 12.5/80-18 12-19.5NHS
  • Product Line: HD 2000 II LSW
  • Titan LSW Part#: G9E3J7
  • Ply Rating: 10
  • Inflation Pressure: 65
  • Max Load (mph): 5
  • Max Load (lbs): 5600
  • Overall Diameter: 32.8E
| 320/60D24
  • Product Line: Grizz LSW G2E
  • Titan LSW Part#: G2E3T7
  • Ply Rating: 14
  • Inflation Pressure: 56
  • Max Load (mph): 5360
  • Max Load (lbs): 25
  • Overall Diameter: 39.1
* Size coming soon